Tillage unit with wide capture CABG- 6.0

Technical characteristics:

  1. Overall dimensions in working position: (length*width*height), mm – 7000*6150*1500
  2. It is intended for pre-sowing treatment of soil with the execution of one-pass operation of tillage, leveling and packing.
  3. It is equipped with passive working bodies in the form of  S-shaped posts and soil compactors with a working width of 6 meters, as well as with mechanical, hydraulic systems of regulation and control of technological processes of soil treatment.
  4. It is equipped with plate rollers.
  5. Productivity per 1 hour of basic time, hectares – 4.2
  6. Working speed of movement, km/h - 7-10
  7. Operating width of capture of a plough, m – 6
  8. The depth of tillage, cm – 4-8
  9. Weight, kg – 3800
  10. Crumbling of layer (with the size of a fraction up to 5 cm) – not less than 90%
  11. Average height of crests – not more than 4 cm
  12. It is aggregated with tractors “Belarus -1221”, “Belarus- 1522”, T-150
  13. TY BY 00735019.056 -98 01.11.2003/01.11.2013
  14. Certificate of conformity AA030095, valid until 30.01.2009
  15. Manufacturer: DP “Minoitivsky repair plant” Grodno UNITARY enterprise “Regional Agricultural Machinery”, village of Minojty, Lida district, Grodno region
  16. Country of origin of goods: the Republic of Belarus.

The machine is intended for pre-sowing treatment of soil with simultaneous implementation of three operations: leveling, tillage and soil packing. The first row of rollers splits lumps and smoothes the surface of the field, S-shaped posts with legs produce tillage, and two rows of plate rollers level and compact soil.

The use of construction of rollers mounting and of reinforced bearings allows simplify maintenance and improve the operational reliability of machines.