Semi-mounted current plough
MIDDLEWARE – (4+1)-40 K3 (without modules)

 Technical characteristics:

  1. Overall dimensions in operating position (length*width*height), mm – 7300*2500*2200
  2. It is equipped by semi - crew cases, spring protection of working bodies
  3. Productivity per 1 hour of basic time, hectares - 1.1-1.15
  4. Working speed of movement, km/h - 7-10
  5. Operating width of capture of a plough, m – 1.6
  6. The depth of tillage, cm – up to 27
  7. Weight, kg - 2975
  8. Completeness of removal of vegetation and harvest rests -  not less than 98%
  9. The height of cut of a plant and harvest – not less than 10 cm
  10. Average height of crests – not more than 5 cm
  11. Crumbling of layer (with the size of a fraction up to 5 cm) – not less than 70%
  12. Warranty life (resource) of details:
    • bits – 20 hectares;
    • ploughshares – 50 hectares;
    • dumps – 200 hectares;
    • field boards – 150 hectares
  13. It is aggregated with tractors of 150 hp “Belarus -1221”, “Belarus- 1523”
  14. TY BY 100230575. 267- 2007
  15. Certificate of conformity N 0209089BY/112 03.06.042 02445
  16. The quality management system STB ISO 9001-2009, certificate BY/112 05.01.013 00894
  17. Manufacturer: DP “Minoitivsky repair plant” Grodno UNITARY enterprise “Regional Agricultural Machinery”, village of Minojty, Lida district, Grodno region
  18. Country of origin of goods: the Republic of Belarus

Ploughs equipped with spring protection are designed for smooth tillage of previously cultivated, little-rock-and medium stony soils with resistivity up to 0.09Mpa. It allows you to provide processing of soil without crests and furrows, convenient for seeders, combine harvesters, tractors and other technique. The plough is equipped with modern working bodies, springs and by semi - crew of Norwegian firm “Kvereland”, providing high quality of tillage, wear resistance, as well as fuel savings up to 3-4 liters per hectare.

The advantages of the plough:

  • Easy spring protection system allows bodies to bypass stones and other obstacles smoothly and  return to its original position with the preservation of the depth of plowing and its quality.
  • Two-wheel support section provides stability of the plough both in work and at its transport.
  • The use of semi - crew cases allows you   remove the harvest rests of a height up to 25 cm. Availability of fixed width of case (40 cm) contributes to the tillage under all conditions.
  • With the help of two hydraulic cylinders turnover of the plough from the right-hand working position to the left-hand side and back is made, as well as the closure of the plough in the position of “butterfly” at transporting.