History of development DP "Minojtovsky repair plant"

Minojtovsky repair plant is known for many years for its labor glory. Over the shoulders of the enterprise is already more than half a century of experience in repair and manufacturing of agricultural equipment and spare parts for it.

In July 1958 in the village of Minojty of Lida district was formed “Lidskaja repair-and-tractor station” which carried out various kinds of works in the field of maintenance of agricultural enterprises and organizations.

The department included services: the repair shop, the mechanized works and transport.

For this period the station has been repeatedly reorganized and its name has been changed for several times: in March 1960 – Lidskaja RTMS, in May 1961- Lida district department “Agricultural Machinery”.

In September 1966 – Minojtovsky specialized department “Agricultural Machinery” on its independent balance sheet and economic calculation. The number of employees amounted to 164 people, 86 of them worked in the repair shop. For the four months of 1966 54 tractor and combine engines, 53 combines SK-3, SK-4 were repaired in it, 3 cars and 5 tractors were renovated.

Already at this time was carried out a reconstruction of the repair shop with the aim of the department specialization in repair of combine harvesters. A construction of the restoration shop (where at the present time instrumental and mechanical parts are) and of administrative building took place there.

1967 became important for the plant. At this time the all-Union seminar on organization of repair of combine harvesters was held.

After this seminar the enterprise became one of the leading enterprises on repair of combine harvesters in the system “Agricultural machinery”. Republican and regional seminars have been repeatedly held on its base.

In 1968 out of the Minojtovsky department was made out a mechanized troop and sent to the Ostrovlany department. After this the company has continued its further development and movement towards perfection. The main activities were the repair of agricultural machinery, tractors, combine harvesters belonging to collective farms ant state farms of the Grodno region. In addition to this a number of agricultural machines and aggregates was produced: cranes “Pioneer”, feeders TVK-80, tape norias, rake-tedders MCC-3, dirt trailer CD-105, front loader POOF-0.5, fans of various modification and spare parts for harvesters and cultivating technique.

The enterprise was awarded by Diploma of the Supreme Council of the BSSR, the Transisting Red Banner of the Central Committee of the Communist party of Belarus, the Council of Ministers of the BSSR, and the DBK trade Unions, CC LYCLB, came out the winner in the all-Union central and provincial competition.

There was a large volume of industrial construction. Together with the specialists of the German company “Fortshritt” the shop for repair of fodder harvesting machinery E-280, E-301 was built and equipped with modern technological equipment. Press shop for stamping parts was built. Presses with force from 40 to 800 tones were installed there.

Much attention was paid to social issues: 152 apartments, hostel for 154 people, secondary school, children’s garden, the house of culture were built.

In August 2001 the enterprise was renamed into the branch “Minojtovsky repair plant” from Grodno UNITARY enterprise “Regional Agricultural Machinery”. The demand for repair services gradually decreased and further development was prompted by life.

In the agriculture of the republic appeared only energy-saturated tractors of the Minsk tractor plant and machinery for modern soil treatment was not enough. The stuff of the plant started to solve this problem. Since 2001 the plant has mastered manufacture of combined units CABG-6, serial production of which started only in 2003. At the same time on the basis of CABG was mastered the production of sowing soil preparation unit AMS-4.

However, the enterprise has received its popularity when production of current semi-mounted ploughs MIDDLEWARE-4-40 and MIDDLEWARE-5-40 was started. These ploughs are intended to smooth tillage of previously cultivated, little-rock-and medium stony soils and are equipped with modern working bodies and springs, which provide high quality of tillage and wear resistance.

Easy spring protection system allows bodies to bypass stones and other obstacle smoothly and return to its original position. Ploughs have successfully passed field tests with the participation of the Belarusian MIS in different regions of the republic. In parallel with the testing was carried out the comparative analysis of technical characteristics of the plough with its foreign counterparts, according to which ploughs received a high appraisal of the specialists and management of the Ministry of agriculture and food of the republic of Belarus.

In 2004 a work on fabrication of technological equipment and development of the production technology of circulating ploughs was completed, and in 2005-2006 the enterprise started their serial production.

In 2006 the process of conversion of the plant was completed. Production of agricultural machinery amounted to 99.8% of the total production.

In close cooperation with the scientists of the NAS of Belarus in framework of the republican program on replacement of import in 2008 the production of 8-hull plough MIDDLEWARE-8-40K, 5-hull current plough MIDDLEWARE-4+1-40K for soils with no stones and semi-mounted current plough with spring protection MIDDLEWARE-4+1-40K3 was mastered.

In June 2008 new production building with the total area of 1811 square meters for the assembling of sowing and tillage machines was put into operation.

Today the plant produces a wide range of ploughs starting from 3-hull to 9-hull-a total of 11 items. In addition to the ploughs, we manufacture already well known car CABG-6, steam cultivator CP-9, multifunctional tillage sowing unit APPM-6 and the aggregate combined for minimum soil treatment “Diskopak-6”.

Much attention is paid to improve quality of production. A system of standard ISO-9001-2001 is introduced. The production of the enterprise is awarded premiums of the Government of Belarus for achievement in the field of quality, the prize of the Grodno region executive committee, the diploma “The Best Goods of Belarus” and “100 Best Goods of Belarus on the Market of the Russian Federation”.

Annually we participate in all the exhibitions held in our country, as well as in regional exhibitions of the Russian federation and Kazakhstan. The production of the factory is awarded numerous diplomas and medals.

Much attention is paid to the improvement of working conditions of workers. At the end of last year the enterprise received the certificate of conformity on system of standards 18001-2009. At the same time we solve the question of energy saving (autonomous heating of production premises by heat generators, heating of workshops with the help of bumers of infrared radiation, the replacement of the lighting).

In recent years major repairs of all production and administrative buildings with the replacement of roofing, heat insulation and painting of the facades were carried out, all living rooms were repaired; the territory of the plant has become more beautiful and comfortable.

Great attention is devoted to technical re-equipment of the plant. For last years the enterprise has been equipped with a modern equipment - plasma and oxi-plasma cutting, center for sheet processing with CNC hydraulic guillotine-shears, crank-sheet shears, hydraulic bending press, band-sawing machines.

The equipment allows organize the production of parts to a wide range of machines. We are ready to consider any proposals in this direction on the part of interested organizations.

The production capacities of the plant allow produce up to hundred of ploughs in a month. In June 2011 more than 5000 ploughs of different brands which work on the fields of our country, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Lithuania were issued, and this geography is constantly expanding.

These results were achieved thanks to the efficient and coordinated work of the management of the plant, engineering – technical and auxiliary services and highly skilled workers.

The dynamic and quickly developing company faces the future with optimism. The management considers our factory to be advanced company in the industry of mechanical engineering, successfully competing with the most famous firms not only in the domestic market, but also on the markets of Russia, Kazakhstan and the Baltic states.

We invite all interested customers to cooperation and guarantee high quality of products, honesty and reliability.